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Supporting your team

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Is your country playing in the World Cup this year? If not, which side are you going to shout for in the FIFA world cup? For the best world cup free bets check out world cup tips and see what the panel of experts say about your countries chance of winning. I was privileged enough to attend 11 matches in the South African World Cup in 2010. The country of South Africa was uplifted to another level during the tournament. With flocks of fans from all around the world coming to the country to support their team, there was a mixture of South American flavour, mixed with a touch of Eastern European spice and a sprinkle of Asian flavours to top it all off.

The different fans all behaved in very different ways – The Argentinian supporters were very loud and proud and came in their thousands to support their lads such as Messi, Teves and Aguero to name a few. They had high hopes for the...