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Time Zone: Europe/Brussels 



Ιδρύθηκε: 1920

Τοποθεσία: Τρόμσο

Γήπεδο: Alfheim

Χωρητικότητα: 8000

URL: Επίσημο Site

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Νορβηγία Tippeligaen Νορβηγία Tippeligaen 18

Rosenborg-Tromso: Free BVTOOL analysis

BVTOOL Rate in % form for 1X2 outcome: 63 - 11 - 26%
BVTOOL Rate in odd form (Fair Odds): 1.59 - 9.09 - 3.85
BVTOOL Base: 27

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"Base" is the total mathes returns for this querry in betvirus database via BVTOOL . The larger the sample, the more reliable the estimate for this fair odd.

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