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Time Zone: Europe/Brussels 



Ιδρύθηκε: 1909

Τοποθεσία: Ντόρτμουντ

Γήπεδο: Westfalenstadion

Χωρητικότητα: 83000

URL: Επίσημο Site

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Τρέχουσες Διοργανώσεις

Γερμανία Bundesliga Γερμανία Bundesliga 18-19

And now.. the two of them for the last turn!

Of the top five leagues of Europe, which has the most uncertain outcome is without a doubt the German Bundesliga with the battle culminating from now until mid May between Bayern and Dortmund. Both teams are ranked in the first place with 60 points while remaining eight other rounds til the end. Let's see how the title battle will culminate and..

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